How to Become a Crypto Pro with a Trade Pro Account

How to Start Trading on bitFlyer

bitFlyer is a user-friendly trading platform that makes a wonderful starting point for everyone interested in crypto trading. First of all, it is a breeze to set up. You just need to create an account, verify your ID and check how things work here and get used with the platform. No worries, here’s a detailed guide.

How to create and activate your bitFlyer account

Go to bitFlyer, enter your email, and click on “Sign Up”.

You will be sent a verification email, so go to your email account and click on the confirmation link in your email.

  1. Create a strong password
  2. Fill some personal info
  3. Verify your phone number
  4. Verify your identity with Quick ID verification to be upgraded to Trade pro!
Verify your account in 3 easy steps!

Start Trading with bitFlyer

Once your account is set up, you can get started with the trading. Now, you need to make a deposit. You can deposit both Euros and the available cryptocurrencies on bitFlyer.

How to Deposit EUR

EUR can be deposited right away. Note that for the Trade Pro accounts, there are no limits on deposits/withdrawals or trading.

How to deposit BTC (and Altcoins)

To deposit BTC, and any other altcoins, you need to verify your account. Once the account upgrade is completed, you can deposit BTC. The same process apply to all cryptocurrencies available on bitFlyer.

Request your bitFlyer unique BTC, ETH, ETC, BCH, LSK, LTC, DOT, XTZ, XLM, BAT and MONA addresses, then you'll be able to deposit cryptos to your bitFlyer account!

Once, you’ve got money or coins on your bitFlyer account, you can get started with trading. Two doors are open to you:

Meanwhile, before you get started with real trading, it would be smart to check the platforms every crypto-enthusiast will benefit from.

Must-Have External Platforms For Traders

There are special crypto platforms that can help you stay on top when it comes to crypto trading. Get to know the latest news, follow the best crypto experts, read crypto reviews and practice your skills on a regular basis.

Since only practice makes perfect, you need to always train and improve your trading skills and follow the latest trends. Below, you will find a list of platforms that can help you with that.

  • CoinTelegraph - It’s a pioneer cryptocurrency, blockchain, decentralized applications news platform, which was founded in 2013 when cryptocurrency was about to hit a peak.
  • Coinmarketcap - This is where you can see information regarding all cryptocurrencies and their price action, along with loads of additional information.
  • CoinDesk - It’s one of the most world’s famous news sites specializing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


bitFlyer Buy/Sell is a good starting point for beginning traders as it is safe, user-friendly and easy to set up. For more experienced traders, bitFlyer Lightning is a powerful platform that will meet your needs! Good luck and happy trading!

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