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To buy and sell your first Bitcoin or Altcoins,

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Buy and Sell Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies easily!

Interested in Bitcoin trading but not used to contemporary exchanges? We, at bitFlyer have a simple way for you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

bitFlyer Buy/Sell offers you a simpler interface for exchanges. It is a simple 3-step operation.

Checking Buy and Sell price and making in-app transactions. Buy at the buy price and sell at the sale price. Fill the amount you want to trade on noting that reference total does not affect what you buy or sale at.

Simply confirm the order, either buying or selling, and voilà! The order is placed with no added fee. Isn't that great?!

On top of that bitFlyer offers optimized Buy sell options with a historic review of transactions made by you and the average price over time. So you can keep a track of your transactions and make quicker responses to market changes than on standard exchanges products.

bitFlyer Buy & Sell makes trading easy for first-time traders and for you making it simple, transparent and faster.

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