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Are you interested in bitcoin trading but find traditional exchanges confusing and difficult to use? bitFlyer has developed a new way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without the complexity and limitations of advanced platforms.

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Buy/Sell offers a simpler interface where the buy and sell price are defined by the platform and constantly visible at the top:

The main Buy/Sell interface

Buying or selling on this interface is a simple three-step operation:

  • Check the buy or sell price on the corresponding box. Remember that you will always execute Buy transactions at the Buy price and Sell transactions at the Sell price;
  • Choose the amount of coin (e.g. 0.003 BTC) you want to buy or sell by filling in the Amount box. Note that the "Reference Total" shown on the right is not the price at which you will buy or sell;
  • Click on "Buy Coins" or "Sell Coins", then confirm the order. The order is executed instantly without any delay or added fee.

That's all you really need to buy and sell, but there are two more tools on the Buy/Sell interface you might want to know about.

  • The table on the left shows the execution history of all recent users of the platform. You can see which amount of currencies other users are buying or selling, and at what price:

In this example, recent history shows that most orders are Buy orders, which makes sense as the price is going up.

  • The chart on the right is the price chart, showing the price's variations over one day, seven days, one month and since inception. Note that the price shown is the reference price, which is an average of the buy price and sell price:
An example of a one month price chart.

So this is how the interface works, but the real question is: what is different about bitFlyer Buy/Sell? The answer is simple: bitFlyer Buy/Sell is Bitcoin trading made simpler, faster and transparent.

Bitcoin trading made simple

  • The price at which you buy and sell is optimized automatically by the platform, and always kept up to date;
  • If you need help planning your next move, you can see on the platform the stream of transactions made by other users, and at what price they are buying and selling;
  • On Buy/Sell, there is no minimum amount you have to invest to buy or sell. Learn how to use the platform at your own pace and invest any amount, even as little as one Euro;
  • When using Buy/Sell, the coins you buy are stored in our secure wallet. You benefit from the security expertise of an exchange operating since 2014 and don't have to worry about securing your private key and wallet.

Bitcoin trading made faster

  • On Buy/Sell, three clicks is all you need to buy and sell. Set up the amount you want to purchase, click Buy or Sell then click Confirm and that's it, your transaction is validated;
  • Since your orders are approved instantly and do not require another user to go through, you can respond to market changes quicker than on standard exchange products.

Bitcoin trading made transparent

  • When using Buy/Sell, you are not trading peer-to-peer with other users. You are buying only verified coins directly from a trusted, regulated platform;
  • The price at which you buy or sell is constantly visible on the interface with no surprise fee added at the end of the transaction;
  • Whichever volume you buy or sell, you never pay any form of transaction fee or margin fee;
  • Since you have access to recent transactions made by other users, you can assess market sentiment and trends at a glance. It is then up to you to decide your next move.

With Buy/Sell, we haven't only created the simplest way to start trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. We have designed a simpler, more responsive and transparent platform for all users willing to invest in cryptocurrencies. Head over to and give Buy/Sell a try - it may be the product you've been waiting for to start investing in cryptocurrencies!

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