How to participate in Bitcoin Halving Twitter Quiz?

To celebrate the third Bitcoin Halving in history, we are launching a Twitter contest campaign from the time we post this tweet on May 8, 2020 to 11:59:59 PM on May 11, 2020 CET.

Campaign Overview

We’re giving away 300 Euro in BTC.

All you have to do is follow our Official Twitter Account, Retweet this Post during the campaign period and answer correctly the question from the post. The participant has to write the correct answer (a, b or c) in the comment below the post with the question.

Participation Eligibility

To be eligible for the contest, you must meet the following requirements by the end of the campaign:

· Follow our official Twitter account

· Retweet this post during the campaign

· Answer correctly the question posted on official Twitter account of bitFlyer Europe.

Winner Announcement

We will randomly select 1 eligible bitFlyer user and announce it in the tweet on Tuesday, May 12, 2020.

Receiving Rewards

Winner must have a bitFlyer account upgraded to Trade Pro to receive the reward. After announcing the winner's username, the winner has to contact bitFlyer Europe official account via direct message to receive the reward. The winner has 14 business days to contact bitFlyer Europe and receive reward from the day of announcing the results.

Important Notes

· Amount in BTC will be determined by bitFlyer at the time of distribution.

· Winners must have a valid bitFlyer account upgraded to Trade Pro by the due date in the direct message.

· To upgrade to Trade Pro, you need complete account verification. Please note, that your account upgrade must meet the conditions set forth in our Terms of Use.

· Upgrading your account can take several days to complete. Please complete the procedure with plenty of time.

· Applicable to customers residing in Europe only.

· Customers can only have one account per person. Customers who already have a bitFlyer account cannot create a duplicate account.

Customers who fall under the following are not eligible for this campaign:

· Customers who have cancelled their bitFlyer account or Twitter account at the time of the winners’ announcement

· Customers who have cancelled the comment with correct answer under the post at the time of the winners’ announcement

· Customers who have unfollowed our Twitter official account at the time of the winners’ announcement

· Customers who are set not to receive direct messages from us at the time of the winners’ announcement

· Customers who keep their Twitter account private at the time of the winners’ announcement

· Customers who could not contact us by the designated date

In the following circumstances, bitFlyer reserves the right to withdraw the winner’s gift:

· You have created multiple accounts by yourself

· False information is used during the identity verification process

· You have violated our Terms of Use

In the event it is found that a winner has violated one of these conditions, bitFlyer reserves the right to take measures such as confiscation and account closure.

· Please note that we cannot respond to inquiries regarding the campaign results.

· Please refer to our Privacy Policy for the handling of personal information. bitFlyer reserves the right to change, suspend, discontinue, or terminate some or all of the services in this campaign without prior notice. bitFlyer shall take no responsibility for any loss caused by any change, interruption, suspension or termination.

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