How to access BTC/JPY liquidity Pool? Cross Border Trading explained

Are you still not sure if you know everything about CBT? Check out our brand new video where bitFlyer Europe COO Andy Bryant and CFO Rikiya Masuda explain what is our new feature Cross Border Trading. They answer questions such as: why it is important to have access to JPY liquidity pool and is trading between two regions safe?

Happy Trading!

Video transcription:

What is Cross Border Trading?

Andy Bryant: "Here at bitFlyer Europe, we’re always looking for the best next best way to offer value to our clients and today we're pleased to announce that for the first time, Cross Border Trading will allow our European customers to trade with our Japanese customers."

Rikiya Masuda: "bitFlyer was established in 2014, headquartered in Japan, and BTC/JPY market is the biggest liquidity pool in the group. So providing an access to this liquidity pool to our European users is one of the most important milestone for our group."

Why is it important to have access to the JPY liquidity pool?

A.B: "What most successful traders realize is that when you are trading on an open order book exchange like bitFlyer, two of the most important things are liquidity and price slippage. Which in layman’s term means that you can place a trade when you want and you can place a trade at a price which you are certain is not going to move very much even if you're making a large order. Now, by opening our Japan liquidity which is the largest in the world for BTC/JPY market, we are offering these superb trading conditions to all of our traders around the globe and for the first time connecting our various customer bases together on the same platform."

R.M: "We have quite a big number of retail customer base and our BTC/JPY market also shows some uniqueness as a retail-driven market so this may also provide some good, interesting and unique trading opportunities for those who are outside of Japan once we enable this access."

Is trading between different regions and currencies safe?

A.B: "Absolutely, in fact, while Cross Border Trading may sound like you’re somehow sending money overseas or to different places, that’s not the case at all. In fact it has always been true that all of our users, whether they are in Tokyo, in France, or the US, they are all using the same high security platform. Hence that subjects the same strict controls and wallet safety and so on. It’s just for the first time we're activating access between our European and our Japanese customers to trade. So we’re all within the same technical platform and it’s perfectly safe."

R.M: "Providing the safest way to trade cryptocurrency as always being the biggest desire of our group. And actually when you trade with exchanges, you may even find that you don't actually know where they are, who they are. And from time to time and you may even be sending your money to a bank you've never heard of. That is not the case for bitFlyer as we have a 3 different entities and all of them are regulated in local regulations. bitFlyer Europe has a payment institution license provided by the Luxembourgish government. So thanks to this regulatory protections bitFlyer Europe user will still be protected by European regulation but still have access to the BTC/JPY liquidity. That is the most important part of this project."

A.B: "We’re proud to be the only exchange which is licensed, regulated in Japan, Europe and the US combined. What that means is that it doesn’t matter who you are trading with on the bitFlyer platform, they would have been onboarded with the same strict compliance controls, anti money laundering and KYC regime, and that we could know who they are, so it’s safe."

Closing words

R.M: "The Cross-border trading project is not only about giving access to European users to BTC/JPY currency pair. But it is about providing the global unified trading experience to all bitFlyer group users. So there will be more to announce and there will be more things to come. Please stay tuned.

A.B: "And Happy Trading!"

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