What are the use cases of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies?

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What are the use cases of Blockchain technology?

Blockchain has been changing lives since its Inception. It has transformed lives for the better it is promising the same for the future. It has numerous macro and micro-level use cases and that itself is promising.

Let's have a look at how it can help transform industries.

Blockchain in Healthcare

Healthcare Management has realized that blockchain is of advantage in medical data management, medical information tracking, secure management of EHR, electronic consent management and incentivization through micropayments

Use cases in the public sector

The public sector can leverage blockchain technology in securing citizen and business data, reduce high labor cost per unit of output, have smart and regulated government processes, tracking population mandates while reducing abuse through smart regulation.

Automotive sector and blockchain technology

Likewise, in the automotive sector, technology can help in establishing revenue streams through novel business models relying on automotive technology for connected car services. It can help set up an automated payment system by optimizing processes for loans and insurance.

Not just this, blockchain can find utility in all businesses and services including infrastructure, voting, advocacy, food safety, IPR, energy sector and the horizon is vast!

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