Get a chance to win 10 Euro worth of BTC with Recurring Buy! - Ended

We are launching a new “Recurring Buy” feature today. In celebration of it, we will give 300 customers 10 Euro equivalent BTC by lottery!

■ What is Recurring Buy?

"Recurring Buy" is a service that allows you to automatically purchase crypto at a fixed frequency and amount. You can use it from our mobile app "bitFlyer wallet" (iOS, Android).

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■ Campaign period

From 1:00 pm on Monday, January 18, 2021, to 11:59 pm on Wednesday, February 17, 2021

■ Campaign overview

From the customers who have set up purchasing crypto with Recurring Buy during the campaign period, 300 people will be given 10 Euro equivalent BTC by lottery.

You can use Recurring Buy from our mobile app "bitFlyer Wallet" (iOS, Android).

■ Campaign conditions

If you meet both of the following conditions during the campaign period, the campaign will be applied automatically.

If you have already had a bitFlyer account :

  • Click the campaign link on our promotional e-mail sent to your registered e-mail address
  • Complete the purchase setting with an amount of minimum 10 Euro or more on Recurring Buy(*)

If you are new to bitFlyer :

  • Register from here
  • Complete the purchase setting with an amount of 10 Euro or more on Recurring Buy(*)

* You need to set a purchase with an amount of 10 Euro or more per crypto on Recurring Buy. Also, if you cancel the purchase settings by the end of the campaign period, you will not be eligible for the campaign.

■ Rewards

From customers who meet the above campaign conditions, 300 people will be given a reward of 10 Euro equivalent BTC(*) by lottery.

* The exchange rate will be based on the rate on our exchange platform as of 17th of February.

■ Timing of granting rewards

It is scheduled for March 2021 (*). It will be reflected directly on your bitFlyer account balance.

* Please note it may take some time to be executed.

■ Important notes

  • Winners must have a valid bitFlyer account.
  • Only applicable to customers residing in the EU/EEA.
  • Customers can only have one account per person.

Customers who fall under the following conditions are not eligible for this campaign:

  • Customers who have closed their bitFlyer account at the time of the winners’ announcement
  • Customers who cancel the purchase settings by the end of the campaign period
  • Customers who have set a purchase amount less than 10 euro per crypto.

bitFlyer reserves the right to reverse its winner selection in the following circumstance:

  • The user has violated our Terms of Use
  • The user commits fraud
  • The user creates multiple accounts
  • The user provided false information during the identity verification process

In the event it is found that a winner has violated one of these conditions, bitFlyer may use its discretion to take any appropriate measure which it deems necessary .

  • Please note that we cannot respond to inquiries regarding the campaign results before the winners’ announcement.
  • Please refer to our Privacy Policy for the handling of your personal information. bitFlyer reserves the right to change, suspend, discontinue, or terminate some or all of the services in this campaign without prior notice. bitFlyer shall take no responsibility for any loss caused by any change, interruption, suspension or termination of this service.