Introducing our new Ethereum pair on Lightning!

Today, we are launching our new pair on Lightning: ETH/BTC.

Access to a new Market

Individual and institutional traders in Europe will now be able to trade on bitFlyer's ETH/BTC market, which has only been available to bitFlyer Japan customers until now.

This is another addition in our cross-border offering which gives traders access to the unique liquidity of the Japanese market.

What is bitFlyer Lightning? - Check out our Lightning guide here.

Our first crypto to crypto pair - and not the last

The launch of our first cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency pair on our trading platform opens new possibilities and opportunities to our users and we are excited to see how this new feature will be used by all of you.

To celebrate this launch, we are also running a “zero fees” campaign on this newly added pair. You can find some details about it here.

If you are ready to start trading ETH/BTC :

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